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20 Halloween Costume Ideas for People Who Wear Glasses

Boys and girls, old and young alike, listen up! Halloween is right around the corner, and dressing up in the right costume is a must. This is the perfect time for you to become your favorite celebrity, TV or movie character, or basically any famous personality for the day. However, it’s quite challenging for people who wear glasses to find the right costume.

Well, you’re lucky because below is a list of some hit Halloween costume ideas you can try without sacrificing your eyewear so that you’ll surely have the best spooky time of your life.


Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

Typically portrayed as a nerd or a scientist, women can have a wider range of costume ideas for this year’s Halloween.

1. Barb from Stranger Things


Coming from the Netflix-hit, Stranger Things, Barb is known to have disappeared mysteriously. Bring out your most 80s-looking outfit and rock those eyeglasses! With the context of this character, it’s already fit for the Halloween.


2. Kara Zor-el from Supergirl


Making its TV debut last 2015, Melissa Benoist aka Kara Zor-el who is a personal assistant by day and Supergirl by night protects her alter ego through her eyeglasses (as if she really needs them).


3. Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory


Amy is a neurobiologist and partners up with Sheldon Cooper. As the only person who could match Sheldon’s intelligence, Amy’s unique humor could be a standout for this year’s Halloween.


4. Velma from Scooby Doo


Prone to losing her glasses during a crucial part in the film, Velma is the resident beauty and brains of the Scooby Doo team. Simply wear an orange turtleneck and a bob cut, and you’re good to go to be a Velma this Halloween.


5. Alex Vause from Orange is The New Black


Coming from another Netflix-hit, Alex’s character in OITNB is snarky, manipulative, and street smart. Dawn a prison-style scrub in Halloween night and you’ll be Alex in a snap.


6. Sadness from Inside Out

sadness_at_the_controlsOne of the “emotions” in the Disney-Pixar hit, Sadness thinks about what could go wrong in a particular situation. If your favorite color is blue, then this is the perfect Halloween costume for you.


7. Jess Day from New Girl


Known as the introvert and quirky roommate of four rowdy but spontaneous boys, Jess is a teacher by profession who charms the people around her through her quick wit. Pick out your best tweed dress and be the “New Girl” this Halloween season.


8. Cosima from Orphan Black

The designated brain of the clones, Cosima knows the answer to every science inquiry of the team. She calms everyone down because for every doubt, she’ll empirically know the answer to it.


9. Harleen Quinzel from Suicide Squad


One of the prominent characters from the recently released film, Suicide Squad, Harleen Quinzel is the scientist before she turned to Harley Queen.


10. Betty Suarez from Ugly Betty


From being known as a woman lacking fashion sense, who knew her iconic eyeglasses and braces combo would be a great Halloween costume?


11. Dr. Mindy Lahiri from The Mindy Project


One of the most fab OB/GYNs in the show, Dr. Mindy Lahiri is always in the know of the latest fashion trends besides wearing her scrubs and white coats.


Halloween Costume Ideas for Men

As for the men, their Halloween costumes can be worn with a tux or chill shirt-and-jeans.

1. Clark Kent in Superman


For the men, the top choice is the man from planet Kryptonite. Having to blend himself with the ordinary people, his glasses, just like Supergirl, keep him from exposing his true identity.


2. Peter Parker in Spiderman


Peter Parker is the total opposite of his alter ego superhero, Spiderman. Having problems as a regular teenager, Parker’s usual hobbies include photography and sketching.


3. Harry Hart from Kingsman


Having the skills of a secret service agent, Hart keeps his calm-and-collected attitude behind those specs. Pull out your crisp tux and be a Kingsman for Halloween.


4. Gary “Eggsy” Unwin from Kingsman


On this list as well is the understudy of Harry Hart. Eggsy is one of the new Kingsmen, and he wore the eyeglasses with special features used to assist him in missions and operations.


5. Steve Jobs


Established as a tech mogul, Jobs was known for his minimalist attire and eyeglasses. Grab your black sweater and some jeans, be the man who “revolutionized” mobile devices.


6. Dwight Schrute from The Office

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Lack of social skills and common sense are what David Schrute is known for. Bring your mustard-colored shirt to the Halloween party, and you’ll be Schrute-personified.


7. Austin Powers


Giving emphasis to his expressive eyebrows and mischievous grin through her eyeglasses, Powers is a fan of hip and mod culture in the UK. For the Halloween, be this spy who wears eye-popping colors for suits and ties.


8. Leonard Hofstadter from The Big Bang Theory


Having the least introversion when interacting with his non-geek friends, Leonard is an experimental physicist married to Penny. Find your nearest comfy shirt and jacket to become the roommate of Sheldon and the gang.


9. Harrison Wells from The Flash


Popularly known as the man who gave Barry Allen’s (The Flash) superhero capabilities, Wells is the mind and master behind S.T.A.R labs. For the Halloween, you can be this character who’s a scientist in Earth 1 and Dr. Zoom in Earth 2.

Now that you have a great pool of Halloween costume ideas, you don’t have to worry about wearing your eyeglasses anymore. But, if you want a better fit for your character, you can always look for stylish eyewear in the Philippines.