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Back to School, Back to Vision Express!

Enjoying better vision is not just about a cool pair of eyeglasses. Vision Express’ Brand Consultant Farrah Rodriguez schools us in on what everyone needs to know about proper eye care.

WITH ANOTHER SCHOOLYEAR starting this month, students will surely be on their toes again trying to catch up with school requirements. Similarly, parents will also be busy trying to assist their children the best way they can to let their kids perform their best in school.

It is no secret that studying can take a toll on one’s eyes. Everyone has had their fair share of grueling schoolwork, loads of paperwork, spending countless hours reading and memorizing lessons, and writing papers to meet class requirements. Working hard to get good grades entails essential efforts for students to keep their body, especially their eyes, sharp and always performing at its best.

It all starts with proper eye care

“By birth, our sense of sight is actually one of the last senses to be fully developed. It develops gradually over the first year. By age of six, our sight should already be fully developed but children cannot really tell if what they see is 20/20 clear or not. Of course they only think how they see is how everyone else sees!” says Rodriguez.

Growing up having to wear thick-framed eyeglasses, Rodriguez says that she can fully relate with what kids with poor eyesight deal with growing up. Not being able to easily engage in sports and other outdoor activities felt very limiting. This is why she encourages parents to be more proactive, rather than just reactive, to their children’s needs when it comes to their eye health.

“It is only until some observable symptoms arise that children or parents suspect an eye problem. For example, children hitting table edges or tripping frequently may be an indication of a problem with depth perception. If they have a hard time seeing the blackboard from their seats, this is likely nearsightedness. If they have a hard time reading books or often mistake one letter for another, and at the same time get headaches, this may be an indication of farsightedness with astigmatism,” shares Rodriguez.

All these combined, according to Rodriguez, may impact children’s academic performance and even their ability to enjoy sports or hobbies. “We use our eyes for everything we do and naturally, if we don’t see optimally, then we won’t be able to hit a baseball, aim a good 3-point shot, or enjoy snorkeling for example. School & extra-curricular activities are very critical aspects of children’s growth and development.”

This is why Rodriguez and her team at Vision Express always advise parents to make it a habit to schedule a yearly eye exam for their children. “Early detection will enable children to do more and to live better,” says Rodriguez.

While most optical shops already offer free computerized eye exams, Rodriguez urges parents to be more discerning – for best results, a holistic approach conducted by reliable and trustworthy Optometrists who make use of relevant equipment and tools is key. She adds, “Make sure your consultation will utilize a good set of machines and tools that can give accurate and objective results. These must then be mixed and complemented by a professional assessment of an Optometrist who must also take time to educate patients and parents thoroughly about the resulting prescription.”

This is the kind of free Vision Check being offered at Vision Express. In addition to their international standards of care, Vision Express also provides clients with the best eyewear brands and lenses.

“Children these days are also highly exposed to digital gadgets such as laptops, tablets, and smart phones. This makes them more prone and pre-disposed to get eye problems. Electronic gadgets emit a lot of blue light that can dry and strain our eyes. In fact, studies show that more than 2 hours in front of a screen can already trigger symptoms of digital eyestrain or Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). In the Philippines, data shows Filipinos spend around nine hours on multiple digital devices each day!” Hence, the need for lenses that protect against glare and blue light. Rodriguez adds, “Apart from blue light, it is also year round sunny here in the Philippines and just like our skin, our eyes also need UV protection. Children barely wear good quality, protective sunglasses outdoors.”

Although schools in the Philippines have yet to make eye exams a requirement as practiced in other countries, Rodriguez hopes that parents will be more proactive and discerning in caring for their children’s eye health.

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Vision Express Back-To-School Eye Care Checklist: Make an informed decision before buying eyeglasses or contact lenses.

INVEST IN QUALITY EYEWEAR BRANDS & PRODUCTS: Beyond style and price, challenge your eye care products’ standards to be aligned with your needs and lifestyle. There are a lot of cheap and trendy options out there but at the end of the day, no value can compare to your eye health. Look for products that have passed international standards of quality. Ray-Ban, for example, was born as a US military commissioned tool for World War II pilots. It allowed them to see better against the strong glare of the sun. That same technology and protection continues to be on every Ray-Ban today.

UNDERSTAND THE LENSES PRESCRIBED TO YOUR CHILD: Ask if the lenses are coated with UV protection, scratch resistance or other coatings fit for your child’s activities. Check if the lenses are light enough in weight and thin enough for your child’s face. At Vision Express, our standard lenses are hard multi-coated and aspheric, meaning they are automatically coated with multiple benefits and are thinner and flatter. They are also easily upgradable to additional blue coat for digital protection.

IT’S HANDY TO HAVE A SPARE PAIR ALL THE TIME: Kids like to play and run around. That’s normal, they’re kids! They may easily break or lose their glasses so it’s wise to always have a spare pair ready, especially when you plan to travel. Maximize the year round First Frame Free promo that can be your perfect spare pair. Basically, you just pay for lenses and the frame is free!

KIDS MAY WEAR CONTACT LENSES, TOO: Responsible kids can already be prescribed with contact lenses that will let them enjoy sports and the outdoors better. If you are confident that your child can already take simple tasks and responsibilities, our Optometrists at Vision Express can assist you and your child with a free trial pair of contact lenses as well as proper contact lens use and care.

As published on Philippine Star, June 11, 2016 by Abby Rebong