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Burberry has been synonymous with design, craftsmanship and innovation.

Now Burberry has become a leading fashion luxury brand with a global business and a distinctive British identity.

The eyewear collection, under license since 2006, is inspired by the brand’s innovative ready-to-wear and accessory collections and incorporates recognizable iconic elements for both men and women.


Featured Products


  • 0BE1328-12760BE1328-1276 Php13,990
  • 0BE1328-12780BE1328-1278 Php13,990
  • 0BE2278F-30020BE2278F-3002 Php14,990
  • 0BE2278F-37350BE2278F-3735 Php14,990
  • 0BE2278F-37420BE2278F-3742 Php14,990
  • 0BE2279F-30020BE2279F-3002 Php14,990
  • 0BE2279F-37350BE2279F-3735 Php14,990
  • 0BE2280F-30010BE2280F-3001 Php14,990
  • 0BE2280F-33160BE2280F-3316 Php14,990
  • 0BE2283F-30010BE2283F-3001 Php13,990
  • 0BE2283F-30020BE2283F-3002 Php13,990


  • 0BE3097-10075V0BE3097-10075V Php19,990
  • 0BE3097-1271710BE3097-127171 Php19,990
  • 0BE3101-11452L0BE3101-11452L Php19,990
  • 0BE3101-1001870BE3101-100187 Php19,990
  • 0BE4270F-3728870BE4270F-372887 Php19,990
  • 0BE4270F-3730130BE4270F-373013 Php19,990
  • 0BE4272-3316710BE4272-331671 Php19,990
  • 0BE4272-3735870BE4272-373587 Php19,990