Bvlgari – Vision Express PH

Bvlgari is known for its contemporary design, unique styles and glamorous details that are combined
with superior quality. This brand is considered to be the highest segment of eyewear as jewelry,
with luxury Italian craftsmanship and bold style. Bvlgari eyewear features precious materials such as
gold, gemstones and Austrian crystals and is carefully crafted in timeless designs.

Featured Products

  • 0BV2203-2033
  • 0BV2203-2034
  • 0BV4158BF-504
  • 0BV4158BF-501
  • 0BV4160BF-501
  • 0BV4160BF-504
  • 0BV6106B-20338G
  • 0BV6106B-278
  • 0BV6107-20478G
  • 0BV6107-205011
  • 0BV6109-278-8G
  • 0BV6109-20134Z
  • 0BV8204BF-501-8G
  • 0BV8204BF-504-T5
  • 0BV8204BF-54128G
  • 0BV8206F-501-T3