Emporio Armani – Vision Express PH

Vision Express PH - EA_Logo

Created in the early 80’s by Giorgio Armani, this label is designed for trendy customers who love the Armani DNA.

Armani’s core elements are revisited in a modern take on fresh style, with innovative and colorful designs that are distinguished by contemporary lines, shapes and materials.


Featured Products



  • 0EA1059-30010EA1059-3001 Php10,990
  • 0EA1059-30100EA1059-3010 Php10,990
  • 0EA1078-30030EA1078-3003 Php10,990
  • 0EA1081-30010EA1081-3001 Php11,990
  • 0EA1081-30030EA1081-3003 Php11,990
  • 0EA1081-30140EA1081-3014 Php11,990


  • 0EA2066-3001Z30EA2066-3001Z3 Php17,990
  • 0EA2066-30016Q0EA2066-30016Q Php17,990
  • 0EA2066-3001550EA2066-300155 Php17,990
  • 0EA2069-30146Q0EA2069-30146Q Php17,990
  • 0EA2069-3014550EA2069-301455 Php15,990