Emporio Armani – Vision Express PH

Created in the early 80’s by Giorgio Armani, this label is designed for trendy customers who love the Armani DNA.

Armani’s core elements are revisited in a modern take on fresh style, with innovative and colorful designs that are distinguished by contemporary lines, shapes and materials.

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  • 0EA1093D__3003 600 X 225 PX EA1093D/3003
  • 0EA1090__3001 600 X 225 PX EA1090/3001
  • 0EA3149__5042 600 X 225 PX EA3149/5042


  • 0EA2079__30018E 600 X 225 PX EA2079/30018E
  • 0EA2084__30036H 600 X 225 PX EA2084/30036H
  • 0EA4132F__501787 600 X 225 PX EA4132F/501787

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