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ESPRIT is an international fashion brand founded in San Francisco in 1968 by Susie and Doug Tompkins.

All of Esprit’s products for women & men demonstrate the Group’s commitment to make the consumers “feel good to look good”.

Esprit eyewear incorporates the brand’s mission and philosophy into its styles and offers: casual and trendy styles with up-to-date design, high quality and value for money.

Featured Products


  • Esprit-ET17519 PHP 5,990 ET17519
  • ET17522-538 PHP 5,990 ET17522/538
  • ET14258-543 PHP 6,490 ET14258/543
  • ET17517-538 PHP 4,490 ET17517/538


  • es_suns_ET17897-538_5990 ET17897/538
  • es_suns_ET17900-538_5990 ET17900/538
  • es_suns_ET17901-538_5990 ET17901/538
  • es_suns_ET17903-538_5990 ET17903/538
  • es_suns_ET17908-538_5990 ET17908/538

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