Giorgio Armani – Vision Express PH

The brand has an incomparable and timeless sense of style. Armani’s vision of the world of creative design is not just about turning heads, but about leaving a lasting impression.

Pure lines, intrinsic elegance and care for details are the elemental concepts underlying all of Giorgio Armani’s iconic designs as well as of its eyewear styles.

Featured Products


  • 0AR5092__3001 600 X 225 PX AR5092/3001
  • 0AR5096T__3279 600 X 225 PX AR5096T/3279
  • 0AR5097T__3279 600 X 225 PX AR5097T/3279


  • 0AR5097ST__328133 600 X 225 PX AR5097ST/328133
  • 0AR6093__30018E 600 X 225 PX AR6093/30018E
  • 0AR8120F__5026_2 600 X 255 PX AR8120F/5026/2

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