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Acquired by Luxottica in 2007, Oliver Peoples was born in the heart of West Hollywood, California on iconic Sunset Boulevard in 1987.

The unique culture of Los Angeles, with elements of fashion, film, art and music, continues to inspire the product and vibe of the brand. From the beginning, Oliver Peoples had a passion for superior craftsmanship, a distinctive culture rooted in California, and a chic approach to luxury.

Through an authentic and consistent voice, Oliver Peoples has never relied on a logo but instead on fostering relationships with like-minded consumers.

Featured Products


  • OV5183A-1552-PHP 12,990 OV5183A/1552
  • OV5338F-1571-PHP 17,990 OV5338F/1571


  • OV1178S_504_16V_PHP 9,990 OV1178S/504/16V
  • OV5323S_1094_52- PHP14,990 OV5323S/1094/52
  • OV5310SU_1005_R5-PHP20,990 OV5310SU/1005/R5

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