Ray-Ban – Vision Express PH


Timeless style, authenticity and freedom of expression are the core values of Ray-Ban®,
a leader in sun and prescription eyewear for generations. Since the introduction of the iconic
Aviator model created for the aviators of the United States Army, Ray-Ban® has been instrumental
in pushing boundaries in music and the arts, forging the rise of celebrity culture,
and creating the power of the rock and movie stars to influence fashion.

From James Dean to Audrey Hepburn to Michael Jackson, Ray-Ban® has proven indispensable
for cultural icons who don’t want to be seen – but definitely want to be noticed.


Featured Products


Fall/Winter Sunglassess

  • RB3025-9065-V7
  • RB3025-9066-Z0
  • RB3447-9065-V7
  • RB3547N-001-3F
  • RB3560-9103-4M
  • RB4380NF-710-13
  • RB4380NF-6357-V0
  • RB4440NF-601-71

Ray-Ban® Classic Icons

  • RB4105-601
  • RB4171F-710-T5
  • RB4187F-622-8G
  • RB2132F-901
  • RB3026-L2821
  • RB3136-181
  • RB3362-001-51
  • RB3539-002-8G


Featured Products


Fall/Winter Frames

  • RB6421-2997-54
  • RB6421-2997-51
  • RB6422-3001-51
  • RB6423-2509-55
  • RB6423-2511-55
  • RB7148-2000-54
  • RB7148-2012-54
  • RB6421-3001-54