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Founded in 1837 in New York City, Tiffany & Co. is the world’s premier jeweler and America’s house of design, an iconic brand with a rich and storied heritage.

Luxottica was the first Company licensed to produce Tiffany’s eyewear collection, which takes inspiration from the most iconic jewelry collection, celebrating stunning originality and enduring beauty.

The first collection was launched in 2008.


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  • TF1127-6123TF1127-6123 Php20,990
  •  TF2144BF-8055 TF2144BF-8055 Php26,990


  • TF4133F-8055-3CTF4133F-8055-3C
  • TF4133F-8216-3BTF4133F-8216-3B
  • TF4132BF-8134-3BTF4132BF-8134-3B
  • TF3054B-6021-64TF3054B-6021-64