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Versace is one of the world’s most iconic and famous luxury fashion houses.

Proudly Italian, it is designed for men and women who desire a modern and glamorous style that combines sophistication and sex appeal.

The Versace Group is the epitome of sensual glamour, sexy and empowering; a true symbol of Italian luxury. The eyewear collection, under license since 2003, combines technical innovation with the essence of the brand and bears the distinctive visual details the fashion house is known for.

Featured Products


  • 0VE3271A__108 600 X 225 PX VE3271A/108
  • 0VE1260__1002 600 X 225 PX VE1260/1002
  • 0VE1261B__1412 600 X 225 PX VE1261B/1412


  • 0VE2208__10027P 600 X 225 PX VE2208/10027P
  • 0VE4369A__GB1_87 600 X 225 PX VE4369A/GB1/87
  • 0VE4368A__108_73 600 X 225 PX VE4368A/108/73
  • 0VE2213__100287 600 X 225 PX VE2213/100287
  • 0VE2209__125287 600 X 225 PX VE2209/125287
  • 0VE2210__14557P 600 X 225 PX VE2210/14557P

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