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Antibacterial Contact Lens Case

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Anti-bacterial Contact Lens Case is the perfect choice for safely storing your contact lenses. It offers more sterile protection than the usual lens cases due to its surface being treated with a special ionization method. That means that silver ions are being applied onto the surface of the inner walls of the case, making them resistant to bacterial adhesion.

A lens that is being used naturally contains bacteria accumulated during the wear. The cleansing solution removes this bacteria, but it cannot prevent their adhesion to the inner walls of the case. With the antibacterial case, this adhesion of bacteria and other unwanted microorganisms is being prevented by the silver ions contained in the case material.

Always keep your contact lens case clean. After insertion of the lens into the eye, always pour out the used solution, rinse the case with fresh solution and let it dry in the air (microbes cannot reproduce in dry conditions). Before placing the lens into the case, rinse it with a fresh solution and fill the case with a solution so that it covers the lens. We generally recommend replacing the lens case when you open a new bottle of solution, but at least every three months.