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The epitome of affordable luxury, Tony Morgan London was founded in London by optometrist and Morgan family patriarch, Anthony James Morgan— better known as Tony by his friends and colleagues. Tony began selling hand-crafted eyeglasses from a humble shop on the ground floor of his house in Bloomsbury Street in the ‘50s, unaware the business would boom and eventually become known and loved for his carefully designed eyewear. Through the years, Tony Morgan’s meticulously crafted pieces have transformed into modern, wearable pairs that suit styles of every kind.

Every Tony Morgan London collection embodies the remarkable culture of London and is influenced by its vibrant culture and heritage. The brand marries forward design sensibilities with the finest frame structures.  Today, Tony Morgan is still guided by its founding principles of quality, function, and modern classic style, all rooted in the heart of London culture.


Each pair of Tony Morgan eyewear is thoughtfully designed and made to match our vision, continuously applying meticulous attention to detail and quality assurance on every subtle nuance—from the cuts of each frame, down to the lenses and screws that hold the pieces together.