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Which Eyewear Will Best Suit Your Face Shape and Personality? [Infographic]

Glasses are not just your everyday eyewear. Glasses are your best partner in the ever-changing trend of fashion and lifestyle. Whatever activity you engage in or celebrations you’re partaking in, there are always matching glasses for your style needs.

Winning your eyewear game must be similar to how you dress up for a party or a trip. You have to choose the appropriate design or color that will fully express your personality, as well as complement your body.

Choosing and buying suitable eyeglasses frames can be as fun as how you do retail therapy. You can try out and test various designs that best define who you are.

If you’re currently at a point where your preferred eyewear style doesn’t suit your face shape and the image you’ve been wanting to portray, fret not. Check out our comprehensive infographic to guide you through your eyewear choices.

Buying Frames Based on Face Shape

How to Determine your Face Shape:

1. Take a photo of your face (make sure you’re looking straight ahead).


2. Put six dots on your face outline:

  • – Forehead: 2 dots
  • – Cheekbones (below your eyes): 2 dots
  • – Jawline (mouth level): 2 dots


3. Measure the width of each dots together to determine your face shape.

When choosing the perfect frame for your face shape, you have to take note of the following factors beforehand:

Distinction – The frame should distinguish your face shape. Round features call for angular frames while sharp features call for curvy shapes for a softer look.

Dimensions – What works for other types of eyewear would not look the same on others. For example, sunglasses tend to cover a significant part in your face, while eyeglasses tend to cover a small part.

Tint – Frames come in various shades and colors that can help highlight your eyes and face structure. Choose a color that will suit both your face and hairstyle tones.

Prescription – Check with your optician to identify your eyewear specifications based on what you need: frame depth, thickness or thinness of the glasses, and other applied restrictions and recommendations.

Body type – Choose the eyewear frame that is both proportionate to your body shape and facial features.

Buying Frames Based on Personality

The best part in choosing an eyewear is to relate it to your hobbies and needs. Basically, you want an eyewear that best expresses who you are and what you do.

In choosing the best eyewear based on your lifestyle and personalities, ask the following questions first:

  1. “What do you want your eyewear for?”
  2. “Do you have a lifestyle that includes various activities, personality, and interests?”
  3. “What kind of work do you do and other activities you partake in?”
  4. “What’s my personality category? Am I more on the creative or sporty side? Or more on the elegant or formal type?”

After putting your personality classifications in mind, you also have to identify which type of eyewear user you are:

The Fashionable type – This is no secret: if you’re in love with all things fashion and colored patterns, then you belong to this type. You love styling up from top to bottom, and you’re never seen without it.

The Practical type – If you’re the type to use eyewear only on designated and specific occasions, then you definitely belong to this type. You also only wear eyewear for one purpose – to be able to see clearly and not to be stylish or anything (although you still make sure that your eyewear will suit your face shape).

The Active type – You’re never complete without your matching eyewear. You’re the type to have multiple sets (or a collection, even) of eyewear for every occasion and need. You can go for stylish or formal, it won’t be a top priority for you, as you’re aiming to have an all-around pair of eyewear to make your day right.

Which Eyewear will Best Suit your Face Shape and Personality_Infographic

With these detailed specifications in mind, you can now have a clearer idea on how to buy eyewear that will be perfect for you. Always remember that your eyewear, no matter how small or big they are, can say a lot about your identity and personal style. Whether you’re the type to just go with the flow, or become the latest eyewear trendsetter, various shades and sizes are available for your choosing and likelihood.

While searching for the perfect pair of eyewear is a fun idea to do, make sure that you follow your optician’s prescriptions before going ahead. Style and your well-being must always go hand in hand.