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7-step eye exam

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How it's done:

  • Step 1. Auto Refractometry The 1st step of your eye exam is an objective way of determining your refractive error or simply put, if you are near or more far sighted, and if you have astigmatism. Your doctor will use the machine results in combination with more tests to arrive at your final prescription.
  • Step 2. Visual Acuity Test The 2nd step of your eye exam measures how far you can see compared to normal vision standards with and without your eye more glasses. Your doctor will ask you to read out letters or numbers to compare and verify your first test result.
  • Step 3. Ophthalmoscopy The 3rd step of your eye exam is a preliminary screening to check the general health of your retina and the inside structures of more your eyes. Your doctor will use a tool to look inside the back of your eyes and may refer you to our partner Ophthalmologists for further evaluation as needed.
  • Step 4. Retinoscopy In the 4th step of your eye exam, your doctor will shine light into your eyes and observe the light reflecting from more the back of your eye in order to verify the first step. It also lets your doctor assess your eyes’ ability to focus and adjust for clarity the same way a camera lens does.
  • Step 5. Binocular Vision Test The 5th step of your eye exam is a series of tests to determine the ability of your left and right eye to work together. Your more doctor may conduct any of the following tests: Stereo Fly test for depth perception, the Worth’s Four Dot test for binocular vision, fusion, and suppression, and lastly, the Cover test for any presence or amount of ocular deviation.
  • Step 6. Subjective Refraction The 6th step of your eye exam is a series of eye tests that lets your doctor test trial lens combinations that fit more your prescription. Your doctor will require your participation to make sure your lenses can correct your refractive error and at the same time, comfortable for you to wear.
  • Step 7. Duochrome Test The 7th and last step of your eye exam requires you to assess letters or numbers on green and red backgrounds. Your doctor more will use your responses to refine your prescription.

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