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Holiday Gift Buying Guide: Tips When Giving Eyewear as a Gift

When giving gifts, it’s always the thought that counts. But if you want to go the extra mile this holiday season, why not go for a matching eyewear that complements one’s lifestyle?

Think about it: there’s a matching eyewear for all seasons and activities. It’s a stylish yet practical gift that the receiver can use all year no matter the occasion. It’s a special kind of luxury that won’t break your wallet.

However, buying the perfect eyewear is not as easy as just picking it up and wrapping it in pretty papers. Not only does it take effort, but you should also know a lot about the person you’re giving it to. So, to help you pick the perfect eyewear to give to your loved one, this eyewear buying guide is our gift to you!

Eyewear as Gift: Factors to Consider

When buying eyewear, these are the six factors you have to keep in mind.

  1. Know the person’s face shape


We are all unique and different in a lot of ways. At first glance, you may think of eyewear to have a “one size that fits all” range, but you should not buy impulsively just because you think that the design would be loved by the person you’re giving it to. Some styles may not match a person’s face shape, that’s why you can see various eyewear crafted in shapes and sizes to suit all face types.

To make sure you’re buying the right type of eyewear, here’s a breakdown of what kind you should buy per face shape:

– Round shape – angular, low, and rectangular frames

– Square shape – round and narrow edges, curved corners (e.g. butterfly glasses)

– Diamond shape – soft, curved frames; square frames

– Oval shape – wide, walnut-shaped frames (e.g. cat-eye glasses), bold patterns

You can also check a person’s eyewear collection to have an idea on what frame and style they like best, which not only complements their face shape but their personality as well.


  1. Get familiar with brands and designers


With lots of eyewear brands and designers coming out today, you have to keep track and familiarize yourself with the unique features each one has over the other. Unfortunately, this rise in popularity comes with an issue: distribution of fake eyewear.

To make sure what you are buying is authentic, check these elements:

  • – Label/Logo
  • – Lens
  • – Model number
  • – Price
  • – Packaging
  • – Accessories
  • – Eyewear data and details
  • – Point of origin
  • – Overall quality

Take note of these to make sure you’re buying original eyewear. Fake products can also cause skin irregularities, and you don’t want that to happen to your receiver this Christmas.


  1. Decipher the person’s wardrobe and style


For every person, there’s a specific fashion code that’s unique to their taste and personality. As they say, “clothes make the person,” and you can know a lot about them through their sense of style and how they deliver it. Similar to clothes, eyewear can also make the person if worn in the right way.

With lots of eyewear available today, you can mix and match accessories and fashion pieces along with it. That’s why eyewear is a wonderful gift that anyone can receive this holiday season. It’s a statement that anyone can wear without prejudices.


  1. Look up celebrities’ style


When it comes to all things trendy and stylish, celebrities are the first ones to introduce it to the general public. When buying eyewear as a gift, think about the person’s favorite celebrities. There’s a high chance that they also derive their monthly style with the celebrities they look up to.

After that, think about the way that celebrity dresses. From there, you can buy a fitting eyewear that will make the person feel closer and identical with their favorite celebrity.


  1. Identify the eyewear’s purpose


Is the person you’re giving the eyewear sporty? Does he/she travel a lot? Or is he/she an aspiring trendsetter? Their hobbies and way of life can help you determine what kind of eyewear to buy. For instance, Oakley eyewear is perfect for the outdoors type, while Ray-Ban is perfect for trendsetters.


  1. Buy online


Now’s the great time to shop because a lot of great deals are now provided online. It’s hassle free, will save you the time and energy of going to physical stores, and a lot of online promos are to be taken advantage of such as Vision Express’ 20% off promo. So, shop away!

Eyewear Gift Ideas for your Special Someone

Still can’t decide? Here’s some eyewear in the Philippines to give to your special person:

For Moms:

Because mothers know best, you should give them only the best!

Recommended picks:

Prada SPR53S/2AU/3D0 Burberry BE4220F/3464/8G






For Dads:
Give dads the perfect eyewear they can always rock in!

Recommended picks:
Ray-Ban Icons RB3025/112/4DEmporio Armani EA2036/3014/9A






For Boyfriend:
Don’t just be lovey dovey, be matchy-matchy with your boyfriend too!

Recommended picks:

Ray-Ban Highstreet Phantos RB4253/710 Prada Sport SPS50R/5AV/5M0





For Girlfriend:

Give your girlfriend confident eyewear, and she can conquer the world.

Recommended picks:

Coach HC7064/9264/11


For Yourself:

Treat yourself once in a while, it’s good for you.

Recommended picks:

Ray-Ban Round Folding RB3532/003/30_53

Persol PO3092SM/9014/31





Merry Christmas! Happy gift buying!