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Adult Vision: How Your Eyesight Changes as You Age [Visual Guide]

As you age, maintaining a 20/20 vision will be a challenging feat. There are several factors that will affect your vision acuity such as your lifestyle and work habits in this highly digital era, your food intake, and of course, the natural eyesight deterioration that comes with age.

Eyesight deterioration is a normal process. While you can’t deter it from happening, you can always do preventive measures to help keep your vision appropriate to your age and lifestyle.

What Happens to Your Eyesight as You Age?
Depending on your daily habits, eyesight deterioration will happen regardless of whether you’re young or old. To help you prepare for common eye and vision problems, here’s a visual guide on how your vision changes as you age.


Nothing lasts forever. Just because you think your vision’s working well and properly at the moment doesn’t mean you can evade the possibilities of future eye diseases that comes as you age. As a popular saying goes, health is always wealth, so you have to prioritize vision wellness together with your physical health.

Putting this in mind, it’s only natural that you keep your vision in good health while you’re still young and able to do so. If you need the motivation to start protecting your vision, think about this: there are a lot of things to see and explore in life as you grow old, and it would be a waste if you can’t see and feel clearly.

It’s never too late to care for your vision. Visit your eye doctor and have your eyes checked. Wear corrective eyewear as needed and prescribed. When you need assistance with your eyewear needs, you can begin by browsing this extensive list of available eyeglasses in the Philippines.