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Lens Guide

Single Vision Lens

Single Vision lenses are the most commonly prescribed lenses
and are made to correct one field of vision, either for distance,
intermediate, or items up close (near vision).

1.5 Opulens Basic

Standard lenses that corrects distance (far) vision
or reading (near) vision. Includes UV protection and
anti-glare features.

1.6 Opulens Aspheric

Upgrade to thinner and flatter lenses ideal for higher
prescriptions. Aspheric lenses eliminate unwanted
magnification of the eyes for a better look, and it
may improve the clarity of one's peripheral vision.

1.6 Opulens Blue Coat

Upgrade to blue coated lenses made perfectly for
digital and computer use. It blocks high frequency
blue light emitted from digital devices to protect eyes.

1.6 Opulens Lutina Aspheric

Thin and flatter lenses. Coated to block blue light.
Protects your lutein to prevent major eye disorders.

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