What type of lens should you get?

We all have our unique visual clarity needs.
Vision Express’ optometrists will prescribe the best lens fit for your lifestyle and needs.

Types of Lenses:

Single Vision Lens

The most commonly prescribed, these are focused on correcting one viewing distance.

Progressive Lens

Multifocal lenses that allow its user to view different distances seamlessly with one lens.


Upgrade your Lens with variety of coatings

From outdoor use to heavy digital users, we have the wide range of upgrades to address your specific visual needs. Here are some of our recommendations:
For High Index lenses or high grades/powers: We recommend Tokai World's thinnest lenses 1.76
For less distortion: Aspheric lenses
For digital screen protection: Blue Safe Lutina Lenses; Top tier lens made in Japan that blocks 99% HEV from entering your eyes
For less reflection: Anti-Glare coating
For Clear to Dark lenses: Transition Lenses