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Protect Your Eyes with Lutina Lenses from Vision Express

Remember when your mom used to scold you when you get too close to the TV screen? Well, it turns out she has a point.

The screens of electronic devices such as TV, computers, and mobile phones are an abundant source of blue light, which can damage your eyes. What’s worse is that studies show that people now spend around 11 hours a day in front of these screens, thus compounding the harm that blue light has on our vision.

The good news is that our eyes have lutein, which is a naturally-occurring antioxidant that acts as a blue-light filter to protect the eyes against damage. One concern, however, is that our body doesn’t reproduce lutein which means that the lutein in our eyes depletes as we grow older.

Doctors recommend eating dark green, leafy vegetables rich in protein—such as spinach and kale—to replenish our supply. But to reach the daily recommended intake of 6mg of lutein, one would have to eat two bowls of spinach every day, which isn’t an ideal solution for many.

That’s where Lutina lenses come in. Lutina lenses are special type of lenses that act as a sunblock to the eyes, protecting lutein from harmful rays like blue light so it can keep doing its job of protecting your eyes.

Originally manufactured in Japan by Tokai Optical, Filipinos can now benefit from the added protection of these lenses—thanks to a partnership with Eye Society, Inc., a luxury eyewear boutique in the Philippines that sells glasses frames for men and women.

In a developing country that is becoming more modernized, the threat of eye disorders is growing, both for young and old people alike. Lutina lenses will help reduce the chances of developing eye diseases like age-related macular degeneration, improving not just eyesight but the life of many Filipinos.

Currently, Lutina lenses can only be purchased from Vision Express stores all over the country.

If you’re already wearing regular eyeglasses and want to take eye protection to the next level, then Lutina lenses are for you. Check out our online store to choose the frame that works best for you or find a store near you.


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