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This is where fashion meets function.

Take your pair of sunglasses and
upgrade it with prescription lens.

Sunscription Lenses

by Vision Express

Upgrade your favorite pair of sunglasses with our exclusive Sunscription,
prescription lenses made for your sunglasses. This is where fashion meets function.

Prescription-Graded Sunglasses

Prescription-Graded Sunglasses

Authentic designer sunglasses custom-made with your prescription. Find the perfect pair, and we’ll make sure you get perfect vision.

Get the right prescription for your Sunscription lenses with our free 7 step eye exam.

Transition® Eyeglasses

Transition® Eyeglasses

Light-responsive lenses that transition from CLEAR indoors and turns DARKER outdoors. Authentic designer eyeglasses fitted with your prescription.

A great upgrade for your single vision, bifocal and progressive lenses.


Free 7-step
Eye Exam

Get the following with your eye check-up:
- One-on-one consultation with our optometrists.
- Recommendation for your custom fit lens.
- Get discounts and coupons every visit!

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